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Make your voice heard in Speakers Park.

Speakers Park is our designated free speech zone for the presidential debate. The University is providing a safe and enclosed area immediately adjacent to the security perimeter of the presidential debate—with a stage, audio equipment, portable lavatories and access to bottled water.

The University will not regulate the content of any speech and the general University rules governing demonstrations and public assembly will apply. The Denver Police Department will be present to ensure compliance with all applicable state and local laws.


Our debate day free speech zone will be just north east of the University of Denver's Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, in parking lot 316, (aka, Sturm Hall Hourly).

View the University of Denver campus map (PDF) to familiarize yourself with the area.

Speakers Park is bounded by:

  • Asbury Avenue to the north
  • Race Street to the east
  • Evans Avenue to the south
  • High Street to the west

Speakers and other guests can enter Speakers Park from Evans Avenue.

Please note: On-campus parking will not be available for any of the public on Oct. 3. We encourage you to take alternate transportation to get to campus on debate day. View online bus and light rail schedules and routes, and find updates about service disruptions.

How it works

Those who have registered to speak will take the stage for 8 minutes using our public address system in this secured, enclosed space to express opinions and ideas to help fuel important political discussion.

While speakers must pre-register to reserve a speaking spot, entry to Speakers Park is open to anyone who wants to listen or participate. Speeches will begin at 3 p.m and end at 6:30 p.m.

Speakers will be informed of their particular assignments closer to debate day.

For your safety

To ensure you can participate fairly and safely, you won't be allowed to bring certain items into the Speakers Park zone. These include but are not limited to:

  • alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances
  • animals (licensed service animals excepted)
  • artificial noisemakers, such as air horns or whistles
  • candles
  • derogatory or defamatory clothing
  • fireworks
  • glass objects
  • grills
  • hard-shell coolers, containers or thermoses
  • laser pointers or other disturbing items
  • projectiles, such as Frisbees, balls, balloons and confetti
  • signs or banners larger than 28" by 22", or signs with poles or sticks attached
  • tents
  • umbrellas
  • weapons—including firearms, explosives and other harmful items

Speakers Park amenities

Those in Speakers Park also will have access to:

  • bottled water
  • concessions for purchase
  • portable lavatories

For more information, email us at