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Tickets to the Oct. 3 debate are not available to the public.

Debate tickets allocated to the University by the Commission on Presidential Debates will be distributed to University of Denver student winners of our debate ticket lottery.

All DU students have been registered to participate in the lottery drawing for tickets to watch the debate live in Magness Arena.

(Tickets to DebateFest, a free on-campus celebration the day of the debate, are available to students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community. For more information, see the DebateFest page.)

Student Ticket Lottery

If you're currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Denver—or if you graduated from the University of Denver in 2012—we've entered your name at least once into the lottery drawing for a chance to earn a ticket to the Oct. 3 presidential debate.

More information

For questions about debate tickets, please email us at